Hello! Firstly thanks for coming to my website, I hope you will find here all you need to make your recordings outstanding! My name is Mateusz Debosz and I was born in Poland but currently live and work in the United Kingdom. I started my journey with music 18 years ago, making first steps as a rapper. I went through all stages of making music from the idea through writing, production, recording and up to the engineering side. I work as mixing and mastering engineer for 8 years and I love what I do, sound engineering is my passion and that’s why I decided to offer my services to you all. I worked on many projects, big and small and I can’t wait to work with you on your next songs!

I always go that extra mile, so if you’re unsure if I can help you, just drop me an email or go through the contact form. I can undertake basically any work on audio material, from editing to mastering and whatever your needs are.,

close up photo of audio mixer
close up photo of audio mixer


Firstly, I make all my efforts in direction to make your songs outstanding! This is the most important part of my input - to make you as an artist/producer/A&R manager happy with the sound. I want to help your songs cut through tough competition on today's market, while offering affordable price to all.

I work "In The Box" (in digital domain) at my home studio which is professionally treated and dedicated for mixing and mastering work to professional level. I use only top quality and the most sophisticated hardware, software and plugins. I work in AVID's Pro Tools and Steinberg's WaveLab. I keep my mind open to all suggestions and requests during mixing and mastering processes. Thanks to all work done in DAW, I can offer you easy revisions, so if you want to try something different, just let me know!

As I mentioned, I use only the top quality equipment and software, coming from the well known manufacturers like Focal, Audient, Steinberg, AVID, Waves, Soundtoys, Slate Digital, Plugin Alliance, Softube, Izotope and many, many more.