When you finish uploading your files, please copy the download link and fill in the relevant Upload Form below.




  • Make sure all your tracks are time aligned, they all start at the same time and all timing is exactly how you want it to be. Time alignments are not part of the standard mixing process which you can order here on website. If you require more work on your song just contact me before you make a purchase for exact quote. Quotes are free, so do not hesitate to send me your project. Obviously, if there is a little single spot which needs some corrections, then I won't charge you extra.

  • Consolidate all your tracks - they need to start and finish exactly in the same time, exactly at the start and end of the song (all tracks need to have exactly the same length).

  • If you record tracks yourself, record in at least 24bit/44.1kHz session. There is no reason to record in 32bit floating point or higher, 24bit provides 144dB of dynamic range which is honestly, more than enough.

  • Export your tracks to .wav files in 24bit depth. Use the same sample rate and bit depth as your project is, do not convert sample rate and do not change bit depth.

  • Zip your files and upload using UPLOAD tab.


  • If your mix has some processors applied on the mix bus (especially limiters and compressors), please make sure you take them off before bouncing/exporting your mix. If you have been listening to mix with all these processors engaged before, please send me both versions, if you can, with and without mix bus processing, so I can hear what you are used to hear.

  • Export/bounce your mix in the same bit depth and sample rate of your project (24bit depth is preferred as well as sample rate of at least 44.1kHz). Do not convert sample rate and do not change bit depth.

  • Make sure your mix is not clipping at any point, if it is your artistic vision to sound clipped just let me know. It is usually the best to apply such a heavy clipping at the end of the chain or in little bits here and there, so it would be good idea to leave it to mastering engineer.

  • Zip your files if you send more than 1 stereo track and upload following UPLOAD tab.