Quick overview of the process

  1. When I receive your files, I will check them out and feedback to you if there are any concerns.

  2. I start to work on your project.

  3. (If selected) As soon as I get to the fundamental good sound, I will send you a sample. This will not be a finished song, it will be a 30sec-1min sample showing which direction the song is going to. It will be done in approximately 80%. From this point we can shape the sound together, you can just leave it down to me and my magic or if you are totally not satisfied and don't want to continue our co-operation, you can ask for a full refund. After your approval of the first sample there will be no refund possible.

  4. Delivery of the finished song.

  5. You can ask for a review up to 30 days after the delivery (10 free reviews are included).

Please choose main delivery format for your master. If you want, you can choose more masters to be delivered as add-ons. For more info please see - Important information relating to all listed services.

As a default, acapella&instrumental add-ons will be delivered as mastered versions. If you wish to have them delivered as mixed only, please let me know in the upload form.

Stems can only be delivered at mixed stage - you can use them in case you ever need to make your mix mastered for surround/video release or any other creative purpose.

Clean version will be delivered the same as your final mastered file.

All prices are VAT inclusive. Non-UK based businesses may make a purchase with no VAT charged. To be able to do so, you are required to provide your business/company VAT number or other evidence that you are a business customer and use the relevant discount code at the checkout to remove VAT of your final price. All discount codes are provided in service description and here.