WAVESMITH STUDIO will reimburse your whole purchase price if one (or more) of the following requirements are satisfied (conditions highlighted with an asterisk (*) are mandatory):

  • Your bank or Paypal account was fraudulently charged (fraud)

  • You offer a plausible explanation for why the refund is required.

  • You have selected an option to use sample approval scheme and clearly stated that you request a full refund before or at the time of the first sample delivery. When you approve the a sample you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CLAIM ANY REFUND.

  • The product has not been used or damaged* - in case of physical delivery

  • The products were not received in their original condition - in case of ordering physical products like USB flash drives or CDs.

All mixing and mastering services are made to order. This is why after your first sample approval there is no refund possible. You can have up to 10 revisions on mixing and 5 on mastering, so we can shape the details as you need, but no refund will be available.

When an item is custom / built to order, we cannot provide a refund (excluding manufacturing defects, in which case a new version will be made).