What is really the best for you and your music from engineering point of view?

4/3/20231 min read

Music is all about emotions, feelings, vibes. If your recording is lacking these fundamental elements, even the best mixing and mastering engineers in the world will not be able to put life into the song. We can always improve, put more emphasis on some elements, enhance the sound and feelings and thanks to current technology really improve a lot. Unfortunately, if your song is not having emotions or properly delivered vibe, there won't be a lot we could do. So, it is so important for you to remember - when you approach recording to be in proper mood! Always spend enough time to practice and rehearse before recording. Ask your wife/husband, friend, colleague, siblings, what they think. Sometimes some fresh ears can give you another perspective. Also, performing in front of someone else give you another perspective! We, as human beings, percept our own performance in different way when we perform in front of other people.

To make the most of your music (and not everyone will tell you that) consider hiring separate mixing and mastering engineers. It is the best for you and your music to have more professionals to hear your songs and there is 2 reasons for that. Firstly, it is possible just once to hear something for the first time. This reaction, these feelings which are born at this time can never get duplicated. That’s why mastering is so important to be the separate part of the process. Mastering engineers are extremely specialised in their work and their hearing is trained to hear every nuance of your music and get it enhanced, fixed or left as it is, as this skill - to know when to leave things as they are - is really important.